Service with Distinction:
An Introduction

Dawn Rhodes, Vice Chancellor

Welcome to the IUPUI Service with Distinction website. As Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, I am pleased to share how we are shaping a culture to ensure that all customers experience a distinctive, high level of service in every interaction they have with our campus community. As a result of our commitment to SwD, we create a competitive advantage at IUPUI that sets us apart from other institutions of higher education. Our collective efforts support the recruitment and retention of high quality students at IUPUI. Furthermore, we attract, retain, and develop a top-notch group of highly qualified and diverse employees within our campus community. Service with Distinction furthers IUPUI’s reputation as an employer of choice in the Indianapolis community.

The information found here shows the SwD outcomes on campus, as well as our future plans for implementation. Additionally, IUPUI leaders, supervisors, and employees will find a number of tools and resources available to support their commitment to SwD as the way we deliver service at IUPUI.

Service with Distinction begins with you. Your efforts transform how we operate at IUPUI. I encourage everyone to remember that service is at the core of everything we do. Every day and with every interaction, people are valued and understood, reinforcing the choice to be at IUPUI!

SwD Overview Video with Chancellor Bantz

Swd Overview Video
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Staff Testimonial

jay gladden  

Jay Gladden
Physical Education and Tourism Management

"...What I like the most about the concept of Service with Distinction (SwD) is the emphasis it places on positive interactions with our stakeholders AND with each other..."

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